Message from the Principal

Alhamdulillah, by the will and grace of ALLAH, we are proud and honored to welcome you to our eighth school year.  Inshaa’ALLAH this year, we have incorporated many changed into our structure and curriculums to better serve our students and community as a whole. We ask ALLAH to reward you for your continued support and ask HIM subhanahoo wata’aala to make this a fruitful and successful school year. Below is a glimpse of the many changes we look forward to incorporating this year inshaaAllah.

  • New and improved Arabic curriculum
  • Upgraded English curriculum for Middle and High School
  • Introduction of Sociology and Phycology to our high school curriculum.
  • Added emphasis on English Vocabulary and Math Applications.
  • Upgraded Islamic Studies curriculum
  • New tajweed course taught throughout the year along with the
  • Incorporation of the history of Islam and its heroes to assist in motivation the students.

Alhamdulillah, we have designated some of our specialized teachers to their specialized areas of interest to maximize the benefit derived from their many years of experience.

Teacher                                                                                              Designation

Ehsaan Haji                                                                                      Science Department Head

Marwa Mohamed                                                                           Math Department Head

Ronald Hassan                                                                                English and Social Studies Head

Sheikh Okasha Kameny                                                               Quran and Islamic Studies Department Head

Sheikh Ragab Kenawi                                                                   Arabic Department Head

Sister Fatima Medjou                                                                    Physical Education/Sports Department Head

Brother Ronald Hassan                                                                Guidance Counselor

Sister Jehan Shehata                                                                      Infant/Toddler Mentor

Sister Hoda Sayed                                                                            Infant – 6th Grade Lead Teacher

Brother Ronald Hassan                                                                 7th-12th Grade Lead Teacher

Important dates to remember:

8/29th31st Half Days
9/1 full day of school
9/12-14 Eid Vacation
9/23 School Closed
9/26 Tahfeedh Commences

In order for us to serve you better, we ask that you give us your feedback and comments because no one is perfect; perfection is solely for Allah. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to communicate with us in the manner outlined below:

1st Attempt: Contact your child’s teacher via e-mail.

2nd Attempt: Contact the lead teacher via e-mail.

3rd Attempt: E-mail me at

(e-mail for a conference appointment – we will no longer accept appointments via phone).
If the matter you are inquiring pertains to a general parents issue or concern, please email and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible, inshaaAllah.