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Alhamdulillah, we now have over 30 staff members at the school. Our students, grades KG -12th are taught various subjects at the school such as Quran, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Computers, Physical Education, along with the normal academic subjects according to the NJ state Department of Education Core Curriculum.

Allah (SWT) blessed us with a facility that offers: a science lab, high tech computer lab, library, spacious gym and over 30 classrooms Al-Minhaal Academy offers high quality education taught by high qualified staff with great dedication and experience. The school also offers a small group setting and a challenging curriculum which is designed to be both fun and educational. Our middle and high school classes are segregated. The Academy is headed by Sheikh Ahmed Salem who has over 20 years of experience in the United States in the field if education specifically in Islamic Schools including: Al-Ghazaly School, Madrasatu Ahlus-Sunnah, Darul Arqam, and An-Noor Academy. Along with assisting in Islamic Education in schools, he also assists in educating and counseling incarcerated youth about Islam at the NJ state department of corrections.

We offer the following:

~ Islamic school for grades KG -12th Grade
~ Full-Time Hifdh Program with Academics (3rd-High School)
~ Full-Time Hifz Program without academics
~ Normal Islamic School Starting from Infants
~ Adult Programs for Brothers and Sisters
~ After school program for public school students
~ Day care program starting from Infants
~ Saturday and Sunday School for Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies
~ Family Counseling Service for parenting, marriage, and schooling issues